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May the Devil Take You
Institute of Contemporary Arts

Thursday 18 October, Cinema 1, 3:30pm
After years of estrangement, a young woman named Alfie reluctantly pays her dying father a long-overdue visit. With doctors unable to determine the inexplicable disease that has ravaged his body, Alfie and her step-siblings head to their father’s dilapidated villa, determined to unearth any clues that could help them understand his grave condition. What they discover is far more bizarre than Alfie could have imagined, as the family find themselves at the mercy of a malevolent spirit. This no-holds-barred, wickedly humorous scare-fest from Headshot co-director Tjahjanto (he also directed instalments of V/H/S/2 and The ABCs of Death) boasts stunning set designs, eye-popping visual effects and more demonic action than you can shake a severed goat’s head at. What more could you ask for?
03:30 pm
Thu, 18 Oct 2018
Cinema 1
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