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Questionnaire is a film made by Morag Keil and Georgie Nettell that was originally commissioned for a shared exhibition at Yale Union, Portland in 2017. Previously displayed as fifteen videos which screened simultaneously on separate monitors, the work has been re-edited as a single-channel video to be screened as part of the exhibition Morag Keil: Moarg Kiel.

The work consists of selected answers given in interviews conducted by the artists with twenty-four people who were each asked the same set of questions. The questions were compiled from various ‘getting to know you’ quizzes posted on Yahoo! Answers, and from questionnaires on the OkCupid website and in the Evening Standard magazine. The respondents were from different age groups, backgrounds and occupations, and were based in Portland, London or New York. The artists assembled the participants by asking one person, then inviting them to recommend someone else in order to widen the breadth and range of respondents. The film highlights the increasing presence and influence of public opinion surveys and polls, and questions how people become data for political opinion formation and marketing purposes.

Please find more details on the exhibition Morag Keil: Moarg Kiel here.
Morag Keil and Georgie Nettell work individually but have collaborated on artworks and exhibitions, most recently on the video The Fascism of Everyday Life, fluxesfeversfrictionsfictions at Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao (2016) and Jupiter Woods, Vienna (2016), and the installation Punks Not Dead It’s Different, Project Native Informant, Frieze London (2015).

The artists would like to thank everyone who participated in the interview and production of Questionnaire.
Screening daily in Cinema 2 at 12:30pm for the duration of the Exhibition

Admission free with Exhibition Ticket