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Sicilia! + 6 Bagatelles + Lecture by Daniel Fairfax
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Sicilia!, Dirs. Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub, Italy, 1999, 66 min., Italian with English subtitles

‘Sometimes / one confuses the pettiness of the world / with the offences of the world. / Ah! / If there were / knives and scissors, awls, picks and harquebuses, / mortars, sickles and hammers, cannons, cannons, dynamite!’

The first part of a trilogy of films based on the work of Elio Vittorini, Sicilia! (1999) is adapted from the author’s anti-fascist novel Conversations in Sicily (1939). After many years away, Silvestro returns from northern Italy to the Sicilian countryside of his childhood to visit his mother. The film, shot in black and white, retains the musicality of Vittorini’s language and is made up of a series of conversations the protagonist has with strangers in a port, fellow passengers on a train, his mother, and a knife-sharpener.
In 6 Bagatelles (6 Bagatelas), Pedro Costa takes unused scenes from his 2001 documentary on Straub and Huillet, Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie? (Oû gît votre sourire enfoui?) and edits them into a new context.
Sicilia! will be screened in its original 35mm format.
Sicilia!, Dirs. Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub, Italy, 1999, 66 min., Italian with English subtitles
6 Bagatelles (6 Bagatelas), Dir. Pedro Costa, 2001, Portugal/France, 18 min., French with English subtitles
02:15 pm
Sat, 04 May 2019
Cinema 1
This screening will be followed by a lecture by Daniel Fairfax in the ICA Studio, entitled 'Straub-Huillet's Ecological Communism'. Daniel Fairfax is assistant professor in film studies at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt and editor of the online film journal Senses of Cinema. His study of the transformation of the Cahiers du Cinéma and film theory in the wake of 1968 is forthcoming from Amsterdam University Press.

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