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Winter Flies
Institute of Contemporary Arts

Monday 15 October, Cinema 1, 9:00pm
Mára and Hedus are eventually stopped by the police and, when confronted by the female interrogator (an impressive performance by Lenka Vlasáková), they tell their story through a series of flashbacks, albeit with Mára offering some unorthodox digressions. Non-professional actors Tomásˇ Mrvík and Jan Frantisˇek Uher bring a genuine sense of adolescent rebellion and vulnerability to their performances, while the picaresque journey leads to a variety of incidents that are both believable and unexpected. Along the way, their discussions run the gamut from the availability of women to the possibility – for Hedus, at least – of joining the French Foreign Legion. Petr Pýcha’s smartly satirical script, balancing humour with wry observations, is the perfect platform for director Omerzu, who won acclaim with his A Night Too Young.
09:00 pm
Mon, 15 Oct 2018
Cinema 1
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