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Reflect Remember Reclaim Heal
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Courtesy Zethu Zizwe Ruby Maseko

Artist and musician Zethu Zizwe Ruby Maseko leads two half-day practical workshops in art, written and spoken word for women of colour. The workshops will take place over two days: 15 June from 12 – 4pm and Sunday 16 June from 12 – 4:00pm. No previous experience of art making is required in order to attend.

Through experimental poetry, spoken word, sculpture, and mbira playing and making, participants explore the potential to reclaim personal heritages through the act of storytelling. The workshops focus on techniques which help us to reclaim bodies and minds as sites of power and encourage us to consider the social climate that surrounds us. Examining ideas such as nature versus nurture and encouraging participants to reclaim strategies of survival that have typically been conditioned out of us, Zethu Zizwe Ruby Maseko will discuss various methods for promoting mutual support among women of colour.

While not compulsory, participants are encouraged to join for both sessions on the Saturday and Sunday.

This workshop is presented by the ICA’s Social Creative Network.
Zéthu Zizwe Ruby Maseko is a Swati and Cornish artist and musician based in London. She works across performance, film, sound and sculpture and often delivers workshops. Her work explores de-colonial thinking, investigating de-colonial memory practices using ritual, storytelling, sonics and spiritual objects. In her practice, she draws on issues of racial and gender politics, post-coloniality and Black experience in the UK.

The Social Creative Network is a digital project connecting young people with the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Curated exclusively by and for young people, the Network is designed to enable those who believe in the power of the arts and creative industries to make a positive change in the world.
12:00 pm
Sat, 15 Jun 2019
The workshops will take place over two days: 15 June from 12 – 4pm and Sunday 16 June from 12 – 4pm. Your ticket will be valid for both days.

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