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Pxssy Palace DJ Set
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Courtesy of Pxssy Palace

Approaching the close of In formation III, Pxssy Palace present their club night centering care, freedom of expression and compassion. Founded by Nadine Artois and Skye Barr, Pxssy Palace is a woman-led collective working to eradicate sexual violence and misogyny from club culture and wider society.
Celebrating hip-hop and R&B music against a backdrop of discrimination and restriction facing people of colour in London’s nightclub culture, Pxssy Palace offers a much needed space for marginalised communities, femmes and women of colour to party and do the most without unwanted attention or judgment.
Pxssy Palace Policy
While you get your freak on at PP we want to make sure that your night is free of judgement and that you feel welcome and included. To help us do that we have some guidelines:
Zero tolerance to harassment of any kind.
Please respect other people’s personal space and do not touch anyone unless you are consented to do so.
Body shaming, slut shaming, racism, ableism, ageism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia and fatphobia are not tolerated at Pxssy Palace nor do we allow any prejudice based on class, language ability, religious belief and gender presentation.
Please do not assume anyone’s gender, if in doubt feel free to ask the guest what pronouns they use.
There will be people in Pxssy Palace badges all night long to address any issues you may have.
PP x
10:00 pm
Sat, 15 Sep 2018
Lower Gallery

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