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A Sound Identity: Mina Rose
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Mina Rose, courtesy of the artist.

To complete a day of talks and events celebrating the ways women, race and sound intersect as a mode of resistance, south London artist Mina Rose showcases her dark, multi-layered blend of trip-hop, dub and hip-hop, inspired by Smiley Culture and reminiscent of the dreamy textures of Massive Attack. Rose’s headline performance brings together varied cultural references, digital production techniques and narratives of urban life.
A Sound Identity is a day celebrating the ways women, race and sound intersect to resist the social order. This programming is part of In formation III, a discursive platform emphasising collective production and learning, and forms of sociality. This expansive series of presentations, workshops, performances and participatory events is collaboratively organised by the ICA curatorial team and staff members.
Mina Rose was first exposed to the possibilities of a life lived differently on the south London block where she grew up, inspired by the sounds of house and ska. Drawing from her background in visual arts and design, Rose translates her own experiences of London's melting pot into songs that are conscious of London’s layered history and hierarchies.
08:30 pm
Sat, 15 Sep 2018
Lower Gallery
Other events forming part of A Sound Identity:
2pm: Neither Voice Noir Class
5pm: Haul & Pull Up
8pm: YaYa Bones
9pm: Nzinga Soundz

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