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A Sound Identity: YaYa Bones
Institute of Contemporary Arts

YaYa Bones, courtesy of the artist

The multidisciplinary artist YaYa Bones contributes their eclectic fusion of electronica, beats and opera to A Sound Identity, a day celebrating the ways women, race and sound intersect to resist the social order.
A Sound Identity is programmed as part of In formation III, a discursive platform emphasising collective production and learning, and forms of sociality. This expansive series of presentations, workshops, performances and participatory events is collaboratively organised by the ICA curatorial team and staff members.
YaYa Bones is the musical moniker of multi-disciplinary artist Ayesha Tan-Jones. Through their self-coined genre ‘dream n bass’, YaYa Bones makes protest music for witches, fusing opera melodies with earth core beats and UFO ritual rhythms. Tan Jones is founder of the Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club, the ICA’s Social Creative Network artists-in-residence.
Social Creative Network is a supportive digital network for young people to share, connect and create. This platform is open to all skill levels for collectively testing, exploring and responding to ideas in contemporary culture.
08:00 pm
Sat, 15 Sep 2018
Lower Gallery

Free, online booking is required.

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