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Felicia and the Clown, Dir. Oliwia Siem, Poland, 2018, 26 min, Polish with English subtitles
A lot of feelings go unspoken and a lot of desires die repressed. These films use the documentary form as a mediator between the previously untold and the desire to tell, showing that the therapeutic value of cinema, and documentary in particular, is in desperate need. From the emotional repression of a father-son relationship to the cathartic outlet of Warhammer, each of these docs offer space for reflection without judgement and show us the value of giving in to the need to express yourself. 95 minutes.
Jessica Bishopp, Wargames, UK, 11 min
Paul Power, For When I Die, Republic of Ireland, 10 min
Oliwia Siem, Felicia and the Clown, Poland, 26 min
Mischa Luskin, Man to Man, UK, 8 min
Tomas Fernandez, God Bless This House, UK, 18 min
Ana Galizia, Unconfessions, Brazil, 22 min
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6:30 PM
Sat, 19 January
Cinema 1

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