Institute of Contemporary Arts

Teeth and Pills, Dir. Andrea Vinciguerra, UK, 15 min
There’s all manner of the absurd in this selection of surreal scenarios and minute marvels, composed to confuse and leave you just the right amount of uneasy. We’ll have you stuck in limbo, spooked in haunted houses, lost in a weird world of portals and bewildered in melting Lynchian rooms. 89 minutes.
Ben Aston, Halfterlife, UK, 11 min
William Boyd, The Trespasser, UK, 15 min
Niall Shukla, A Doll Distorted, UK, 16 min
Sarah Talbot, Secretion, UK, 9 min
Sam Nicoresti, The Baby, UK, 9 min
Andrea Vinciguerra, Teeth and Pills, UK, 15 min
Ben Bigelow, The Desert, US, 14 min
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