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Cafe Bar
Institute of Contemporary Arts
A place to gather, revive, write, or plan your next project.
Coffee and stews by day, smoky margaritas by night. 

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Hot Food

Spinach dhal w/ coconut sambal (vg, gf)  £6

Squash and corn pozole w/ totopos (vg)  £6

White bean and rainbow chard stew w/ pangrattato (vg)  £6

French runner bean and tomato baharat stew w/ fried shallots (vg)  £6

Cherry tomatoes, red onion, black olive bun (vg)  £5 

Jalapeno muffin (v)  £3.5


Oat and chocolate chip cookie (vg)  £3

Oat and raisin cookie (vg)  £3

Carrot cake  £3.5

Lemon & poppyseed cake  £3.5

Banana bread (vg)  £3.5

Cinnamon bun  £3.5

Salted caramel chocolate brownie (gf)  £3.5


Smoked almonds  £3

Spicy broad beans  £3

Maize kernels  £3

Popcorn  £3

Torres crisps  £3

Nocellara olives  £3


Iced tea  £3

Lemonade   £4.50


Hard tea  £6

Peachy punch  £5

Negroni  £5

Old fashioned  £6

Aperol spritz  £5

Campari spritz  £5

Crystal Margaritas

Classic  £6

Fruity  £5

Smokey  £7

Spicy  £6

Spirit Mixers

From 3.5 for a single and 5 for a double

Beers / Ciders

Draft, bottled and non-alcoholic options all available at the bar
Photo: Christa Holka