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Institute of Contemporary Arts
We welcome all visitors, and improvements to the accessibility of the ICA are being made all the time. If you have an access requirement which we haven’t listed here, please get in touch in advance of your visit and we will make our best endeavours to help you. 

Please contact us in advance of your visit for more information at access@ica.art or 020 7930 3647

Moving around the ICA

Our front of house staff all attend disability confidence and other inclusivity training and will assist you with anything you need while you are at our venue.

Concession tickets

Visitors with a National Disabled Identification Card are entitled to a free exhibition ticket as well as the concessionary rate for all events. Please bring proof of concession with you when you collect your tickets. Free tickets are also available for companions or assistants where required, and can be booked by emailing access@ica.art or via telephone on 0207 930 3647 (Tue – Sun, 3 – 6pm).

Subject to availability, we endeavour to make our events accessible for those for whom ticket prices are a barrier. To request a complimentary ticket please email details to our Head of Visitor Operations Melanie.Coles@ica.art who will discreetly process your enquiry.

Quiet times

Quiet times to visit the galleries are Wednesdays and Thursdays, particularly mid-afternoon. If you require an empty gallery space in order to comfortably and safely visit our exhibitions, for example if you are neurodivergent or if you are shielding, please contact access@ica.art and we will arrange this with you.


Large print exhibition text is available upon request at the Box Office. Assistance animals are always welcome. 


The Box Office and Cinemas are equipped with an induction loop system for visitors using hearing aids. Events may be BSL translated or have other accessibility enhancements. Some events may feature strobe, haze effects, low light levels, or include loud volume audio. We will include the relevant information on each specific event page.


The ICA has one wheelchair available for use by visitors and requests can be made with Box Office or Sales staff.

Most venues are accessible by lift (by venue), except the Upper Galleries / Nash + Brandon Rooms, which are not accessible by motorised wheelchair. 


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This website has been developed to conform to the W3C accessibility guidelines for level AA compliance. We have endeavoured to conform to all the presented guidelines in level AA wherever possible. It is possible to increase (or decrease) the size of all the text on the pages of most websites. You can do this by using the font size controls integrated in your web browser.

Discover the stories behind our programme and enrich your visit with the free Bloomberg Connects app. The app is easily downloaded either before your visit or via our free wifi.


Audiences are always welcome to come and go from the auditorium during ICA performances. You are not required to remain in your seat if you feel uncomfortable. We want the ICA to be a welcoming and safe space for all visitors. We welcome all questions and will always try to help if you have particular requirements. Please email access@ica.art or ring 0207 930 3647 if you have further questions.
Access by area

Main Entrance

•  There is ground level access to the main entrance from The Mall, which includes one set of automatic sliding doors.

•  All walking areas within the building are kept clear at all times.

•  We do not have any parking on The Mall, however car and taxi dropoffs are possible (please note that at times The Mall is restricted to traffic).

•  Contact us in advance of your visit for more information.

Box Office & Bookstore 

•  These are both in the main foyer at ground level. This area is wheelchair accessible.


• The bathrooms in the foyer and bar are for all genders and do not contain urinals, there are also separate male and female toilets near the Upper Gallery.

•  There is an accessible toilet located next to the main entrance.

Lower Gallery 

The main gallery for The Red Sun Is High, The Blue Low. On the left wall, painted stills of sunsets. Black stairs lead down to the gallery floor, where three sofas sit in a circle, with plush red velvet covering and floor. On the back wall is a baseball-like scoreboard above a black doorway and a peephole.
•  There are five steps leading down to the Lower Gallery or a platform lift (max. weight 300kg) located by the entrance to the gallery. This is a staff-operated lift – please ask a member of staff for assistance.

•  Read more information about the current exhibition Gray Wielebinski: The Red Sun is High, the Blue Low


•  There is limited step-free access to the Studio. There is a step-free route, however it involves using a different entrance to the building, at Carlton House Terrace at the top of the Duke of York Steps.

•  Once in the Studio, there is 25-metre outdoor step-free route (via a platform lift) to accessible toilets at a neighbouring premises, with whom we have a special agreement (available Monday – Friday).


•  Cinemas 1 and Cinema 2 are accessible via ramp.

•  There is space for two wheelchairs in each cinema.

•  Please let us know at the time of booking as we may need to adjust the seats in advance.


•  There is a platform lift (max. weight 300kg) located by the entrance to the Theatre. This is a staff-operated lift: please ask a member of staff for assistance.

Cafe Bar 

•  The Bar / Cafe has two levels. Most of the Bar is on ground level (Lower Bar).

•  The Upper Bar can only be accessed via a set of stairs with 10 steps, with handrails on both sides.

•  Table service is available for those who cannot use the stairs by speaking to a member of Bar staff.

Upper Gallery

•  There are 33 steps leading from the Bar Cafe to the Upper Gallery. There is limited step-free access to the Upper Gallery.

•  There is a small passenger lift, but it is not large enough to accommodate a person using most large motorised wheelchairs (see below for lift measurements). The individual would be required to transfer from their wheelchair into a chair placed in the lift, and our staff would transport the wheelchair separately. The passenger lift is not in a public area. Our staff will be happy to assist with this process but it will not be suitable for those who are unable to transfer from their wheelchair, or those using a motorised wheelchair.

•  There is a temporary ramp that can be erected at our private staff entrance at 12 Carlton House Terrace (there are otherwise six steps from street level to this entrance). Using this entrance provides step free access to the Upper Gallery.

•  Accessing this entrance can be achieved by exiting from the main entrance, travelling along The Mall to Trafalgar Square, Pall Mall, Waterloo Place and then Carlton House Terrace. Please ask on arrival if you would like to use this entrance and our staff will be happy to help you.

•  Specifications of lift serving: Inside of lift width 0.87m, depth 0.81m. Ground floor entrance: width 0.57m. First floor entrance: width 0.59m.

Nash & Brandon Rooms

•  From the Upper Gallery, there is a staircase leading to the Nash and Brandon Rooms. Where it is a suitable option, the small passenger lift also extends to the Nash and Brandon Rooms on the first floor.

•  If you are attending an event in the Nash and Brandon Rooms and you have special access requirements, our staff will provide further information in advance.