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ICA Creative Youth Forum
Institute of Contemporary Arts
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Who is art for? How can art spaces better reflect and serve the needs and realities of young audiences?

The ICA is introducing a new 6-month programme that provides paid opportunities for young people aged 16 – 30. We are looking for 5 members to work with us on the ICA Creative Youth Forum, a programme designed to make more space for youth voices in arts institutions. Members will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and contribute towards decision-making processes here at the ICA. We recognise that young communities are often excluded from the arts, especially in decision-making capacities. Together with Forum members, we will create a vision for the ICA that improves young people’s access and seeks justice in the arts.

The ICA Creative Forum will work closely with artist Kiz-Ayton Green and different teams at the ICA, meeting the Director and senior members of staff to get to know the behind the scenes of the ICA. Collectively, we will explore the question ‘Who is art for?’ and ‘How can art spaces better reflect and serve the needs and realities of young audiences?’


This is a paid role with a fee of £500.

The programme will run over 10 sessions (2 hours per session) from January – June 2024 and will involve attending a board meeting, making a set of recommendations for ICA to take forward, a public event to showcase learning and share best practice.

No prior experience is necessary, and we are looking for passionate people who are interested in expressing opinions, working with others, and creating change in the art world.

Dates of 2024 sessions

•  Session 1 (Saturday 27 Jan), 1 – 3pm
•  Session 2 (Satuday 3 Feb), 1 – 3pm
•  Session 3 (Saturday 10 Feb), 1 – 3pm
•  Session 4 (Saturday 24 Feb), 1 – 3pm
•  Session 5 (Saturday 9 Mar), 1 – 3pm
•  Session 6 (Saturday 23 Mar), 1 – 3pm
•  Session 7 (Saturday 6 Apr), 1 – 3pm
•  Session 8 (Saturday 20 Apr), 1 – 3pm
•  Session 9 (Saturday 4 May), 1 – 3pm
•  Session 10 (Saturday 18 May), 1 – 3pm

How to apply

Applications are due 10pm on Friday 19 January 2024 and selected applicants will be notified on Monday 22 Jan.

We’ll be having an informal drop-in session on Tuesday 16 Jan from 4 – 5pm online for anyone who’s interested and would like more info. Please email the Curator of Learning if you’d like to register for the info session.

Please note that those applying as residents in London Boroughs of Westminster and Croydon will be given priority.

Please email the Curator of Learning for more information or if you have any questions.
Apply for the Creative Youth Forum