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Epicentro, dir. Hubert Sauper, France / Austria 2020, 107 min., French with English subtitles

The latest film from renowned filmmaker Hubert Sauper (We Come as Friends, Darwin’s Nightmare) is an immersive portrait of post-colonial Cuba, a century or so on from the 1898 explosion of the USS Maine in Havana Harbour. The still-resonant sinking of this US Navy ship ended Spanish dominance in the Americas, ushering in the era of the American Empire, at around the same time as the emergence of a powerful new tool of conquest: cinema as propaganda. Sauper explores a century of interventionism and myth-making together with the extraordinary people of Havana – particularly its children, who he calls ‘young prophets’ – as he  interrogates time, imperialism and the very language of cinema.
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07:00 pm
Tue, 12 Jan 2021
Cinema 3

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Epicentro is available to stream for seven days from 14 January, 7pm

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