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Colectivo Los Ingrávidos Programme 1: Political Cinema
Institute of Contemporary Arts
The Sun Quartet, Part 1: Sunstone, 2017, 16mm transferred to digital file, colour, sound, 13 min

Political Cinema is the first of two programmes profiling the work of Colectivo Los Ingrávidos. This program features a series of experimental and politically engaged films that explore themes deeply rooted in indigenous Mexican narratives, history, and activism. 

Impressions for a Light and Sound Machine (2014) is a powerful work combining visuals from an aging Mexican film as it disintegrates with a woman's voice, building into a symbol of resistance, leaving a deep imprint on collective memory. Coyolxauhqui (2017) revisits the myth of the Aztec moon goddess, interlacing historical and contemporary realities to address themes of fragmentation and decolonial imagination. It offers a profound reflection on the impact of colonisation and the process of reclaiming indigenous mythology.

¿Has visto? (2017) brings to light the heart-wrenching struggles of Mexican mothers whose children have disappeared, emphasising their relentless quest for justice. The film not only highlights a critical social issue but also provides a window into the personal toll of political turmoil.

The program culminates with three films from The Sun Quartet (2017) a series that includes Sunstone, San Juan River and Far from Ayotzinapa. This collection portrays youth protests, societal upheaval, and the emotional aftermath of the Ayotzinapa students' disappearance. It is a poignant representation of young voices and their role in shaping contemporary social movements.

In this programme, Colectivo Los Ingrávidos demonstrate a profound commitment to challenging traditional narratives and creating a unique political and social commentary. Their avant-garde filmmaking approach combines innovative visual language with deeply resonant themes, inviting audiences to embed themselves in the political landscapes and spiritual heritage of indigenous Mexico. Polictical Cinema is a platform for critical discourse on the intersection of culture, politics, and indigenous identity. 

Screening followed by an in-person discussion with Colectivo Los Ingrávidos. 


Impressions for a Light and Sound Machine, 2014, 16 mm transferred to digital file, black & white, sound, 7 min

Coyolxauhqui, 2017, 16mm transferred to digital file, colour, sound, 10 min

¿Has visto?, 2017, 16mm transferred to digital file, colour, sound, 7 min

The Sun Quartet, Part 1: Sunstone, 2017, 16mm transferred to digital file, colour, sound, 13 min

The Sun Quartet, Part 2: San Juan River, 2017, 16mm transferred to digital file, colour, sound, 13 min 

The Sun Quartet, Part 4: Far from Ayotzinapa, 2017, 16mm transferred to digital file, colour, sound, 22 min

Programmed in partnership with Batahla Centro de Cinema, Porto.
Founded in 2012 in Tehuacán, Mexico, the Colectivo Los Ingrávidos draw inspiration from historical vanguards in order to dismantle commercial and corporate audiovisual grammar and the ideology it contains — calling, in so doing, for greater awareness and mass mobilisation. Combining digital and analogue media, interventions using archive materials, mythology, agitprop, social protests and documentary poetry, the Mexican collective conducts radical experiments that are, in themselves, political objects. Each of these manifests a desire to decolonise ways of seeing the world, from a Latin American perspective.
07:00 pm
Tue, 20 Feb 2024
Cinema 1

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