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Conditions Digital Lab Programme. Current work in progress presentation with the artists.
Institute of Contemporary Arts
XENO-FIOSAICHE by Mollie Tilley

This event showcases work in progress from current artists on the Conditions Digital Lab Programme. The artists have specialised in experimental uses of digital technologies to produce sculpture, video, performance works. 


XENO-FIOSAICHE by Mollie Tilley

Solaris | siraloS and Zond 5 by Amy J Wilson

Data Brothers, Sun lamp and Ethnic minorities behind landscape by Yiqing Chen

Hotbed by Iana Mizguina

Three Studies For Emptiness, 2024 by AJ Wealands

Table of substance by Jade Baldó

Souvenir! by Isabela Chipon

Wild Night by Zoe Biagini-Jones

Amy J Wilson works across printmaking, ceramics and digital media. She is an MFA graduate from The Slade School of Fine Art. Her practice explores object, animal, and environmental agency. She was recently artist-in-residence at Derby Arboretum Park, exhibited at Turf Projects and was awarded funding by Arts Council England.

Mollie Tilley is a multidisciplinary artist working with a new term called Fictioning which aids cosmos fabrication and avatar creation through three key myth-functions: Mythopoesis, Myth-Science and Mythotechnesis.

Yiqing Chen is a Chinese artist and digital director, practising with mediums from CG animated film, game to moving image. His works focus on technology infrastructure behind global virtual industry, urbanization and local culture in Southwest China. Yiqing was born in Guiyang (Southwest China), currently works and lives in London.

Iana Mizguina uses images, objects and words in her works. She is interested in the representations/biographies of environments and all things organic, often on their paths to fulfilling our needs as commodities and goods. Subjects of “growth”, “uprootedness”, and “classifying” are recurrent interests in her practice.

AJ Wealands is a multimedia artist working in sound, moving image, sculpture and writing. Recent work has been published by Prototype, If A Leaf Falls Press and Fieldnotes Journal.

Jade Baldó is a multidisciplinary artist working across performance , installation and digital media. Her practice revolves around the proposition and investigation of the pseudo-dis-trans-post-hyper-cyber-meta-anti-proto-necro real true human substance of the beautiful. Jade is a Central Saint Martins fine art graduate. She works between London and Spain. Her practice exists beyond the fine arts as set design and makeup in fashion contexts.

Isabela Chipon is a designer from Curitiba, Brazil. Passionate about merging the tactility of print with the dynamic accessibility of digital mediums, she strives to create objects that are both visually compelling and engaging. Her practice focuses on visual design, archives, travel and humour.

Zoe Biagini-Jones is an artist who uses her background in painting and film to inform her approach to technologies as she combines the results of playing on new softwares; collating image and sound to identify patterns in nature.

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06:30 pm
Sun, 04 Aug 2024

● This event will not be seated, if you would like a seat there will be some available in the space

● Audiences are welcome to come and go from the space.

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