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Contemporary Portuguese Cinema
Institute of Contemporary Arts

For the sixth straight year the ICA Cinema partners with independent film production unit Terratreme to present a selection of contemporary Portuguese cinema.

Founded in 2008 by a group of young filmmakers, Terratreme pools the resources of its collected members to bring engaging films to international audiences. For several years, the ICA has presented discussions and screenings devoted to Terratreme’s work including The Nothing Factory, Cidade Rabat and many more.

From May to September 2024, the ICA Cinema releases four recent works from filmmakers Jorge de Carvalho, João Rosas, Catarina Mourão and Maria Mire, each on a week-long run.

To find out more about Terratreme click here.

From 17 May
UK PREMIERE Ospina Cali Colombia
A journey into the life and work of legendary Colombian filmmaker Luis Ospina.

From 14 June
UK PREMIERE Death of a City
In the heart of Bairro Alto, right in the centre of Lisbon, the building of an old printing workshop is demolished to make way for luxury apartments. João Rojas crafts an intricate urban diary portraying the daily life of the construction site and those who work there. 

From 23 August
UK PREMIERE Clandestina
In order to think about current practices of political dissidence, Maria Mire dives into the past and into the experience of Margarida Tengarrinha who played an important role in the antifascist resistance.

From 20 September
UK PREMIERE Astrakan 79
In her new film, Catarina Mourão captures with tremendous precision the moment a father passes on a story to his son, a story that has been a family taboo for decades.