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Divvy Film Festival
Institute of Contemporary Arts

The ICA partners with Project Art Divvy to present Divvy Film Festival London - a showcase of independent films from across South Asia and the diaspora, with filmmakers from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Divvy Film Festival London presents extraordinary South Asian films from a variety of genres. It provides a much needed platform via which these well crafted films can be watched and appreciated. It celebrates local and regional stories.

The 3-day program showcases 41 films. They have been carefully curated to create a thoughtful and immersive experience. This festival includes full length features and shorts, documentaries and fiction, on a multitude of themes exploring cultural traditions, friendships, loss, identity, myths, legends, environmental issues, romance, futuristic worlds, stories of powerful women as well as the joy of ordinary and unexpected moments. They tap into experiences and memories within us and highlight the hero within us all.

Divvy Film Festival deliberately screens a mix of films by acclaimed directors as well as rising younger directors, often selecting films not ordinarily accessible to international audiences. This year our program includes films by Payal Kapadia, Abinash Bikram Shah, Marium Ghani, Elham Ehsas, Shambhavi Kau, Kannan Arunasalam, Nuhash Humayun, Asma Beethe, Kamil Chima, Suman Sen, Zarrar Kahn, Seemab Gul, Iram Parveen Bilal, Mahera Omar, Umar Riaz and others. Each of steller ability.
Project Art Divvy is a venture of Foundation Art Divvy. It provides a platform in the UK to the arts and film from South Asia in order to expand South Asian art, culture and narrative’s global and local reach. Project Art Divvy partners with UK based institutions to present exhibitions of South Asian contemporary art and film festivals of independent South Asian films.

Foundation Art Divvy provides a platform at an institutional level, locally and internationally to the arts from South Asia. It works in Pakistan and internationally through four active divisions, Art Divvy Exhibitions, Divvy Film Festival, Art Divvy Conversations and Project Art Divvy, and we now are launching Divvy Knowledge Center. Each Art Divvy initiative supports culture, art, film, learning and philosophy.

Ticket pricing

£13 Full Price / £11 Concessions. £5 for 25 and Under. 
Blue Members get half-price, Red Members get unlimited access. 

Multibuy offer

Full programme (12 screenings) £60 Full Price, £48 Concessions
8 screenings: £48 Full Price, £40 Concessions
5 screenings: £35 Full Price, £30 Concessions
3 screenings: £24 Full Price, £20 Concessions

Fri 5 July, 6pm
Opening Night
Shorts: Fighting Spirit + Q&A
These short films showcase female characters facing immensely difficult personal, political, social and economic circumstances, and continuing on through different struggles. They demonstrate resilience and spirit. 

Fri 5 July, 8.45pm
Wakhri + Q&A
Noor, a widowed schoolteacher and young boy's mother, seeks to raise money for a girls' school in her native Pakistan.

Sat 6 July, 12.10pm
Pala + Q&A
A cinematic thovil ritual befitting the life and work of Sri Lankan contemporary artist Pala Pothupitiye.

Sat 6 July, 2.20pm
Shorts: Myths and Legends + Q&A
This collection of short films takes us on a captivating journey across the subcontinent, weaving together stories where belief serves as a powerful thread. 

Sat 6 July, 4.30pm
The Secrets of Radha + Q&A
Nepalese director Subarna Thapa’s latest work follows Radha, a young pregnant woman from a village in Nepal, who embarks on a journey to find her husband, a migrant worker in Doha, who’s gone missing.

Sat 6 July, 6.40pm
Shorts: Identity + Q&A
This collection of short films explores the struggles of finding one’s own voice and place in the world. Each character grapples with societal expectations and their own sense of identity, searching for a way to express their true selves.

Sat 6 July, 8.50pm
A Night of Knowing Nothing
Winner of the best documentary award at Cannes, Payal Kapadia’s immersive work addresses the political complexities of contemporary India.

Sun 7 July, 12.15pm
Shorts: Love/Friendship/Connection
These shorts are vignettes into different versions of connection - love, attraction, friendship. They explore the decisions and journeys that connection, or a need for connection, can often lead to.

Sun 7 July, 2.20pm
What We left Unfinished + Q&A
The story of five unfinished Afghan Communist films, and just how far artists will go to keep making art in times of war and political repression.

Sun 7 July, 4.10pm
Shorts: Quiet Heroes + Q&A
These shorts explore quiet heroes, highlighting the resilience within each of us which often comes out at unexpected moments. The films encourage us to look within and find that kernel of self belief, inner knowledge and strength.

Sun 7 July, 6.20pm
In Flames
Mariam's precarious existence is ripped apart when her father passes. Living in a deep-rooted and toxic patriarchy, Mariam and her mother must find the strength to survive the malevolent forces that threaten to swallow them.

Sun 7 July, 8.20pm
Closing Night
Shorts: Environment/Earth + Q&A
These short films explore the environment in its various forms, highlighting the environment as both a fragile ecosystem and a stage for human actions and consequences.