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Hong Kong Film Festival 2023
Institute of Contemporary Arts
March 2023
Tue 21 – Thu 23 March 2023

Four people on bikes ride down the road against the bright HK skyscraper skyline
Lost Pearl, dir. Steve Li, Hong Kong 2021, 21 min., Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles

The Hong Kong Film Festival UK CIC (HKFF UK) aims to shine an international spotlight on a new wave of cinema from Hong Kong and the Hong Kong diaspora in the UK, who blossomed especially in an era of drastic transformation. Through this new wave of Hong Kong cinema, the Festival strives to promote cultural interactions and spark exchanges between Hong Kong communities and the world. Building on our ever-changing social context and rich cultural heritage, it is time to reflect on the city’s enchanting, complex and challenging duality from a fresh perspective.

More information and full programme at the HKFF UK website

A birds' eye view through camera of a busy road crossing in Hong Kong. Small green squares target individuals across the image

Tuesday 21 March, 6:45pm
A series of 5 short films reimagining the city in a dark and dangerous light, against the backdrop of the anti-extradition protests and the pandemic.

Elderly Cantonese women gather in the thousands to receive free rice while the police attempt to control the crowd

Wednesday 22 March, 8:45pm
A programme of two short films from the early 2000s that immerse us in the heart of the cities.

A person in a tshirt aims an assault rifle into the distance in the Burmese jungle

Thursday 23 March, 6:45pm
Directed by a collective of filmmakers, this film documents life in Myanmar after the violent military coup of February 2021.