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Act IV: Filmmakers in Support – Françoise Romand & Mario Valero
Institute of Contemporary Arts
An elderly woman sits peacefully on a patch of grass by the ocean
Appelez-moi Madame, dir. Françoise Romand, France 1986, 53 min., French with English subtitles

The closing screening of (G)Round up!, a series co-curated with Paris-based cinema collective La Clef Revival, echoes the spectacular support that the collective received from the cinema community during their occupation. Filmmakers Françoise Romand and Mario Valero join us for a special conversation following the screening of their films: the rarely screened Appelez-moi Madame (Call Me Madame) and Rodeo (Detour)
Rodeo (Detour), dir. Mario Valero, Spain / France 2019, 32 min., Catalan / French with English subtitles
Between filmed diary and travel journal, Rodeo - 'detour' in Spanish - recounts the seasons of a confused year. Cities and faces blend into one another and filming becomes a way to forget.

Appelez-moi Madame (Call Me Madame), dir. Françoise Romand, France 1986, 53 min., French with English subtitles
A small country village in Normandy in the early 1980s, and a 55-year-old poet, activist, Communist, former small-town mayor and onetime member of the French Resistance resolves to undergo gender transition – supported by his wife and teenage son.

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