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Leave No Traces
Institute of Contemporary Arts
March 2023
Leave No Traces, dir. Jan P. Matuszyński, Poland 2021, 160 min., Polish with English subtitles, 15

After the brutal killing of a Polish student by security police in 1983, the State’s supposedly ‘independent’ legal system finds itself under intense political pressure.

Warsaw, 1983. Poland is shaken by the case of Grzegorz Przemyk – a high school student beaten to death by militia. Based on true events, the film follows the story of Jurek who is the only witness of the beating and as a result becomes an overnight number one enemy of the state. The oppressive regime used its whole apparatus – the secret service, militia, the media and the courts – to squeeze Jurek and other people close to the case, including his parents and Przemyk’s mother, Barbara.
02:30 pm
Mon, 11 Oct 2021
Cinema 1
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