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Nudo Mixteco
Institute of Contemporary Arts
May 2022
Nudo Mixteco, dir. Ángeles Cruz, Mexico 2021, 91 min., Spanish with English subtitles

Debut filmmaker Ángeles Cruz crafts an engaging and timely triptych of stories centred on Indigenous women in the fictional location of San Mateo, a small Mixtec town in the province of Oaxaca. 

Three former residents, all economic migrants, return home at the time of the annual town festivities. María arrives from the city for her mother’s funeral, Esteban appears at the family home to find his wife Chabela has moved on, and Toñita isn’t able to secure the support she needs from her mother to secure justice for past and present crimes. 

The interlocking narratives, bringing together both professional and non-professional actors, offer a searching portmanteau portrait of the community’s customs and challenges, the impact of migration, and the importance of finding a voice.
09:10 pm
Thu, 07 Oct 2021
Cinema 1
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