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Rheim Alkadhi: Templates for Liberation
Film Programme
Institute of Contemporary Arts

Curated by artist Rheim Alkadhi, this film programme accompanies the artist's first UK exhibition Templates for Liberation.

In Alkadhi's words:

'Some of the films presented here are also available for view online; but the occasion to screen them in the cinema offers invaluable proximity — where viewers sit side-by-side, synchronized with one another, experiencing identical frames of view while watching a narrative unfold. The films were chosen based on enduring interests alongside many months of conceptualization and production for the exhibition Templates for Liberation.'

Wed 19 June, 6pm
Our River...Our Sky + Q&A
A raw and powerful display of humanity, Pachachi's film explores identity and nationalism, and what it means to belong. The screening is followed by a Q&A between director Maysoon Pachachi and artist Rheim Alkadhi.

Sat 29 June, 4.30pm
The Hour of Liberation Has Arrived
Heiny Srour's multi-temporal, anti-narrative historical epic tells the stories of Arab women resisting both colonialism and male chauvinism.

Sat 20 July, 4.30pm
Zooland + Am I the Ageless Object at the Museum? + The Kingdom of Women: Ain el-Hilweh
Dahna Abourahme's ode to the resilience, intelligence and valor of Palestinian women from Ain el-Hilweh, is accompanied by films from Noor Abuarafeh and Pary El-Qalqili

Sat 3 August, 4.30pm
Films by Ateyyat El Abnoudy
Ateyyat El Abnoudy was raised in a village in the Nile Delta area. In Cairo she would earn her law degree in 1963, and a cinema degree in 1972. Her filmmaking tended toward short-form journalism, especially documenting everyday conditions of the poor.

Sat 24 August, 4.30pm
The Lovers' Wind
Narrated from the perspective of desert winds that blow over Iran, this colonial-style film was shot by French filmmaker and board game designer Albert Lamorisse.

Sat 7 September, 4.30pm
The Marshes + Ma'loul Celebrates its Destruction
Kassem Hawal's document of the marsh people of southern Iraq is accompanied by the second film by Michel Khleifi, considered the founder of contemporary Palestinian cinema.