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For the Haunted and Possessed
Institute of Contemporary Arts
A vivid composite image of a shipping vessel against red clouds/sea waves and shipping containers

Horror can reveal the insidious impositions afflicting society, ecology, geopolitical relations and our very bodies. The supernatural and occult can be a tangible force, bringing these oppressions into focus and directing us towards acts of resistance.

Notes from Gog Magog
Dir. Riar Rizaldi, Indonesia 2022, 20 min., Indonesian, Korean & English with English subtitles
Two workers from differing corners of a tech corporation experience visceral embodied horror as they lose themselves in the product/company.

Dir. Anastasia Sosunova, Lithuania 2022, 16 min., Lithuanian, English & Russian with English subtitles
As an esoteric, Soviet-era self-improvement practice, coding involves following instructions from a mysterious advisor – mind like a computer, programmable.

Platform Ghosts – Turker, Farmer, Bot
Dir. Aarti Sunder, India 2022, 13 min., Tamil, Kannada & Hindi with English subtitles
Natural lifecycles, the labour of scavengers pouring over carrion, perform counterpoint to outsourced ghost tales from a Mechanical Turk platform.

Dir. Anna Engelhardt & Mark Cinkevich, UK / Poland 2023, 25 min.
Demonic forces possess human and land bodies alike. Ukraine, Syria and Belarus are infected by Russian imperialism, resources extracted parasitically.

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