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Anu’s Comic Workshop: Character Development
Institute of Contemporary Arts
A round cartoon figure smoking a cigarette. Their body disappears into a cloud of smoke shaped like them
Image courtesy of Anu Ambasna

Over a two hour session, Anu will guide our participants, through her distinct style of comic making, in constructing their own works within a collaborative, DIY environment. This session will focus on character development.

Previous sessions:
Anu Ambasna is a London born artist, DJ and broadcaster. Anu’s self-taught artistic practice focuses on building worlds through her intricate hand-drawn comics and illustrations, which act as a diary of sorts. She takes inspiration from the mundane and often difficult aspects of life, with humour centred in everything she creates. The protagonists of Anu’s comics and illustrations are sometimes strange to the eye and often centre paunchy brown bodies, with themes of family, identity, music and club culture filtering through. @noanunoparty
06:30 pm
Thu, 23 Nov 2023
Free, booking required.

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A selfie of Anu, holding a pen, with a pile of different pens, sketching at her desk
Anu Ambasna.