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The People’s Verdict
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Forensic Architecture:
‘The Killing of Mark Duggan’ (2020)

Join the final event in the War Inna Babylon programme – Tottenham Rights’ Stafford Scott and Forensic Architecture present and discuss the work of the team involved in the digital reconstruction of the killing of Mark Duggan on view in the Upper Gallery of the exhibition War Inna Babylon: The Community’s Struggle for Truths and Rights.

Forensic Architecture was commissioned by the Duggan family’s lawyers to reconstruct the scene of his death as a navigable digital environment and, within that environment, to illustrate and interrogate the testimonies of the officers involved in the shooting. 

Forensic Architecture will demonstrate the VR technology used to do so with the opportunity for audience participation in the VR demonstration.

The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A, and DJs in the ICA Bar into the evening. 
03:00 pm
Sat, 25 Sep 2021
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This event forms part of the programme accompanying War Inna Babylon: The Community’s Struggle for Justice Truths and Rights and the ticket includes exhibition entry.

The first installation of Forensic Architecture Reports, published by Cabinet Books and the ICA, details the investigation into the police shooting of Mark Duggan. This new volume is available to purchase here.

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