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Carmen Villain
Institute of Contemporary Arts
September 2022
Thursday 10 November 2022, 8pm

Photo: Signe Luksengard

The sonic worlds that Carmen Villain has built over her career invite the listener to explore depths, caverns, and intimacy within a discography shaped by her natural curiosity of sound, and of seeing the potential for music in everything.

Her debut Sleeper on Smalltown Supersound was a psychedelic take on the ghosts of late 90s alt-rock, viewed like mannequins through frosted window panes. Those rough and earnest ballads became even hazier and more introverted on second album Infinite Avenue, in line with her practice of continuous self-searching. The altered states of Both Lines Will Be Blue and commissions for Longform Editions and Geographic North solidified a more distinctive sound that foregrounded her fourth-world, dub, and ambient inspirations, alongside her embrace of unusual techniques (such as recording in a mausoleum for Affection In A Time Of Crisis).  
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