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Emma dj / Rainy Miller / LC
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Emma DJ / Rainy Miller, photo by Callan Dooley

Emma dj performs live after the release of his latest LP g0drm2. With contributions from lil rhiz0me, Yves Ciroc, Rainy Miller, CXOXC, shyweek among others, the album fuses hybrid forms of rap with nostalgic atmospheres, trap sensibilities and a smoked-out sound.

Rainy Miller likewise blends rap with an introspective ambience, punctuated by intimate and mournful auto-tuned vocals, while evoking ghostly references to pirate radio. In recent years Rainy Miller has developed a reputation at the forefront of UK electronic music in a scene loosely spinning around the axis of storied Salford club The White Hotel, along with fellow Manchester-based electronic artists such as Blackhaine, Space Afrika and Iceboy Violet.

Both artists’ live performances morph between gritty bass-heavy tracks and ambient moods, crossing genres to explore the more emotional depths of their sounds.

Supporting is London-based DJ and musician LC.

Since the start of 2019, Paris based Emma DJ has been building a rapidly growing catalogue of releases with three albums on cassette tapes as well releases on imprints like UIQ, REIF, Collapsing Market, BFDM and L.I.E.S. The Finnish native has been quietly forging an aesthetic of his own following a decade in electronic music across all corners of the industry. His productions display a clear penchant for harder, grittier and ever indescribable sounds translating directly into his dj sets as well as his collaborative experimental trap live show g0drm which debuted at Bourse de Commerce, Collection Pinault in June 2021.

Rainy Miller (known to his mother as Jack Bowes) was born and bred in Longridge, Preston, a typically unremarkable northern market town. Things began getting remarkable once the nascent grime scene started spilling over from its London birthplace and took root in disparate places around 2006. An explosion of youthful expression, grime provided a template and voice to young people in towns such as Preston, blossoming into an energetic city-wide scene that Miller was a part of. He quickly began playing and experimenting with rapping and making beats under the Rainy Miller pseudonym. Miller moved to Manchester in 2015 and soon recorded and released his debut project Limbs (2019), a work of northern neo-R&B on his newly minted own label Fixed Abode which he toured across the UK in support of US artist Gus Dapperton. Along with the success of other Manchester-based electronic artists such as Blackhaine, Space Afrika and Iceboy Violet – all working at the forefront of UK electronic music and loosely spinning around the axis of storied Salford club The White Hotel – suddenly a lot of attention was on the artist by 2021. Rainy Miller has had features, reviews and guest mixes for The Face, NTS, Fact, Salt and Crack Magazine, as well as plays on BBC 6 Music, Worldwide FM and BBC Radio 3. He has co-produced Blackhaine’s And Salford Falls Apart (2021 via HEAD II) and Armour II (2022 via Fixed Abode) to critical acclaim, and tours as part of the Blackhaine live band.
08:00 pm
Thu, 29 Jun 2023

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