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Forest Swords
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Press pic of Forest Swords. He is bald, white, standing with a large puffer jacket against a dull grey and green blurred background

Forest Swords (aka electronic producer and composer Matthew Barnes) returns for his first live London performance in years, of the back of long awaited new single ‘Butterfly Effect’ released via Ninja Tune.

Part industrial electronica, part bleak greyscale pop, ‘Butterfly Effect’ shifts Forest Swords’ world deeper into murkier, more paranoid territory, with a previously-unheard vocal sample by the legendary Brit Award winning and Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Neneh Cherry.

‘The track swirled around as a pure instrumental for a while, a beat I made in the cold factory space in Liverpool I was recording in, some kind of attempt to cope with the psychedelic amounts of pain I was in from a leg injury’ says Barnes. ‘One day an unreleased archive vocal arrived direct from Neneh, which turned out to be a perfect fit, like they were meant to be together somehow. As a fan that has always idolised her, it’s a true honour and life highlight to have her blessing this track.’

The single is accompanied by an ancient-futurist video created with visual artist Sam Wiehl, and is released along with new B-side ‘Tar’, a woozily euphoric ambient piece with layers of processed wind instruments and sub bass weaving  in and out of each other. This new release is a first taster of a forthcoming longform project, accompanied a newly designed AV show in collaboration with visual artist and director Sam Wiehl.
Since his last critically acclaimed studio album Compassion, Barnes has spent the past few years working as an in-demand composer and sound designer, scoring music for the Oslo Ballet as well as acclaimed Microsoft video game As Dusk Falls (Tribeca Film Festival – Game Selection), art installations and various Sundance-winning, Oscar longlist nominated films.

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