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Institute of Contemporary Arts
November 2022
Two arms moving in angles against a concrete wall in orange light
Photo: Lara Jacinto

Artists Lorenza Peragine and Ivana Sehic invite you to a workshop on choreographic scores and instructions, practiced through live messaging.

How many instructions are we faced with in our daily life (the ‘do not touch’ sign, the ‘get in line’ look, the ‘please remember’ voice)? In what way do environments script our behaviour? When and how do we deviate from this script?

We will look at the instructions around us, write our own, and interpret each other’s. We will play with mobile apps WhatsApp and Oblique Strategies to practice ‘live scoring’ of spatial narratives and emotional states, and use our bodies and voices to agree, ignore, or deviate from these scores. We will then go to a public space where we will use mobile apps to engage with the choreographies we observe and their implicit instructions.

We welcome participants of all movement abilities. You do not need to have performance experience or training to participate.
This workshop by Lorenza Peragine and Ivana Sehic is part of the Santander-funded project between University of Roehampton and University of Coimbra, promoting international artistic exchange.
Artist Biographies

Lorenza Peragine has 10 years’ experience in devising, producing and curating performance work, participatory art events and festivals, including Tempting Failure (2019) and Spontaneous Combustion (2013–15). She works in museums and galleries in her ‘daily life’, and her PhD research focuses on ‘scores’ and ‘instructions’ in public spaces and art museums. She is an AHRC-Techne funded PhD Student in Dance at the University of Roehampton (2019) in her third year, and holds a Masters in Performance (2015), supervised by Martin Hargreaves and Diploma in Dance (2011) at Trinity Laban.

Ivana Sehic is an artist, architect and researcher. She holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) and is currently undertaking doctoral studies in Contemporary Arts at the University of Coimbra. In addition, she has postgraduate training in Performing Arts from London International School of Performing Arts. She develops work around the performativity of organic and non-organic matter, the creation of space through movement, and the cyclical nature of life. Her artistic outputs cross the disciplines of drawing, sculpture, film, and performance. Scenography for Orgia (2022) tests the performativity of eight tons of clay, performance Song (2018) explores things we carry/care for through life, film collaboration with Mototake Makishima One Day (2016) explores pagan rituals through movement and masks. As one of the creative directors of Porto-based Atelier Caldeiras, she organises and curates exhibitions focusing on performance elements. Recent works include Verão (2022), Inverno (2022), Montanha (2021), and Volatim (2021).

Collaborative Biography

Ivana and Lorenza previously co-directed Flock collective and presented their work in London at The Place, Arebyte Gallery, and Architecture 00 at New Zealand House. They were selected for The Place Resolution! 2014 with their project Flock Office, exploring choreographies of power in office environments. Lorenza and Ivana presented a project as part of the ‘Contested Spaces/Expanded Bundaries’ events by the Social Practices Programme at Central Saint Martins UAL (2015). They led 6 workshops on tension/consent in spatial narratives, with 20 participating students and staff, and presented a performance at CSM’s Granary Square entrance ‘Naked Girls ahead / followed by 3 Naked Boys. In real-time to the CSM / London workshops, fellow Flock member Shireen Talhouni used the same ‘score’ to lead 6 workshops and present a coinciding performance in a public space in Amman, Jordan. Lorenza presented the same project at the international conference Beirut: Bodies in Public, organised by King’s College London and the American University of Beirut (2015).
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03:00 pm
Thu, 08 Dec 2022

Free, booking recommended.

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