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Stefanie Egedy, Pollution Opera (Nadah El Shazly & Elvin Brandhi with visuals by Omar El Sadek), Sote, Born In Flamez, Sarah Farina
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Pollution Opera - Nadah El Shazly & Elvin Brandhi - performing over laptops and gear on a dark stage
Pollution Opera (Nadah El Shazly & Elvin Brandhi) performing at Rewire Festival. Photo: Jan Rijk

Stefanie Egedy (live)
Pollution Opera (Nadah El Shazly & Elvin Brandhi with visuals by Omar El Sadek) (live)
Sote (live)
Born In Flamez
Sarah Farina

CTM Festival for Adventurous Music & Art Berlin partners for a two-day programme, marking the first time the acclaimed festival arrives in the UK, testing the current possibilities and limits of music while supporting a wide range of artists and sound cultures.

The Theatre will feature late night programmes of DJs, live sets and UK premieres, spanning forward-thinking club sounds to sub-bass and spatial sound, visceral postmodern opera through to gabber and apocalyptic noise.
As two voices pushing the standards of the accepted feminine vocal spectrum in very different ways, Nadah El Shazly and Elvin Brandhi collide into Pollution Opera, a brand-new project embracing dissonance and looking at what a postmodern opera would sound like. They appear in support of a forthcoming album on Danse Noire, with visuals by Omar El Sadek.

Stefanie Egedy presents A Sub-Bass Dose, her live performance exploring the potential of sound waves – with a special focus on low-end emanations from high-powered subwoofers – to reverberate bodies and nervous systems into more relaxed states.

A pivotal figure of the electronic music scene in the Middle East, Sote alters musical modal codes from their original tonality and rhythmic tradition to achieve vivid synthetic soundscapes. Much of his output deals with a continual exploration of a relentlessly maximalist aesthetic. Sote will give a taste of new live material in the works, creating a hellish club inferno that picks up from the polyrhythmic madness of his release Hardcore Sounds from Tehran.

Sarah Farina is known for sprinkling positivity and joy over the darkest bassy sounds. An innovative, skillful DJ, she’s the smiling antithesis of genre cliques and scene elitists.

CTM Festival curatorial team member Born in Flamez supports the night with a DJ set, torching typical notions of identity and genre, letting new forms rise from the ashes.
09:00 pm
Fri, 20 Oct 2023
£13 Early bird 
£16.50 General release
£19.50 Final release

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Sarah Farina. Photo: Kerstin Meissner
Born In Flamez. Photo: Lisanne Schulze
Stefanie Egedy. Photo: Polina Georgescu
Sote. Photo: Arash Bolouri