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Nourished By Time
Institute of Contemporary Arts

Nourished By Time, the Baltimore based songwriter/producer with a unique blend of New Wave, R&B, and Dance, Nourished By Time’s music explores themes of existentialism, love, consumerism and their relationship with labour.

2024 has kicked off with the announcement of Nourished By Time signing to the iconic UK imprint XL Recordings, returning with his new EP, Catching Chickens released on 22 March digitally and on 12” vinyl. Written between 2022 - 2023 in his home studio in Baltimore, Catching Chickens takes inspiration from the iconic scene in Rocky II where his trainer makes him chase and catch chickens as a test of agility. With tracks like “Hell of a Ride,” in which Nourished By Time contemplates the fall of the American empire and late-stage capitalism loneliness, and “Had Ya Called”, which deals with the frustrations of growing distance in friendships, Nourished By Time chronicles his own test of agility as he weaves through the motions of his newfound notability. 

“Arthur Russell meets Daft Punk but deep R&B…the only new music I absolutely swear is next level.” - Oneohtrix Point Never

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07:30 pm
Thu, 05 Sep 2024

£18.54 (including £1.50 venue levy + booking fees)

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