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Institute of Contemporary Arts
November 2022

ICA 75th Anniversary Season

Marking the ICA’s 75th anniversary, P-R-E-S-E-N-T is an audio-visual experience to come together and dance. Taking over the ICA’s ground floor, seven artists experiment with hybrid modes of presentation across music, performance and moving image. The night features emotion driven and sensory live sets at the forefront of experimental music.


Sons of Simeon (live)
SKY H1 & Mika Oki A/V Show (live)
COLD (live)
Nexcyia (live)  
Iceboy Violet (live) 
Nadine Noor (PXSSY PALACE) (DJ set)
Supported by Bottega Veneta and in-kind support from Absolut.

Cold (formerly INTENTIONALLYCOLD) is a producer, vocalist & DJ from South London. They work alongside producer friends like Poundshop, 3o & Junior XL. Sonically, Cold often merges a variety of British influences from grime to indie into a melting pot of new nostalgia. As a lyricist, they poetically dissect distant memories with more present reflective thoughts. Be it on the way home from a night out to restlessly looking for answers in their bedroom, Cold’s sound elbows onwards through space and time.

Iceboy Violet is a Manchester-based producer, vocalist and DJ. Their sound combines dark brooding electronics with a powerfully raw vocal delivery. Their lyrics are honest and vulnerable, inspired by the energy and resistance of grime music in particular and global MC music in general, warping genres in an aim to erode boundaries we face collectively. 

Nexcyia is an African-American sound artist and experimental ambient musician based between London and Paris. Working with found sound, he meditates on time, place and being, using thick brushstrokes of swelling synthesis to come to terms with the past and present. Loss and longing haunt each clouded drone, wandering melody and textural wash, creating dense granulated layers that float around and encircle one another in a weightless space. Crawl EP is out on Alien Jams and Origin EP on Cafe OTO’s label Takuroku.

SKY H1 and Mika Oki combine forces to present a new audio-visual show to celebrate the release of the debut album Azure. In their respective forms, each artist circles the intricate emotive surfaces of contemporary life in all of its mediated intensity. On the occasion of SKY H1’s debut album they’ve collaborated on a work that takes the content of the album and deciphers its poetics into an alluring live performance. Mika Oki’s visual installation Parhélion, inspired by the optical phenomenon also called soleil double will be taken to the stage and become a subtle scenography of light, projections, smoke and shadows where it will meet the visual inspiration behind SKY H1’s album.
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08:00 pm
Wed, 01 Feb 2023
Ground Floor

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SKY H1 & Mika Oki
Iceboy Violet
Nexcyia. Photo: Celine Pierron