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Man With No Name 无名者
Institute of Contemporary Arts
A Chinese man sits in his homemade home, tending to a vegetable. His clothes are covered in dirt
Man With No Name (无名者), dir. Wang Bing, China / France 2010, Chinese with English subtitles, 97 min.

Present Silence

Silent by choice and living in a cave away from society, the nameless subject of Man With No Name appears like a total cypher from a distance. The intimate perspective of Wang Bing’s camera, however, ensures that he is never observed from a distance, instead immersing us in his unusual routines with a proximity bordering on uncomfortable. As we watch him walk, forage, cook, and eat, his existence becomes deeply accessible on a sensory level, even as his motives grow increasingly obscure.

By allowing us to spend time in the silent company of another, Man With No Name is a powerful reminder of the value in listening even when no one is speaking, opening the way for new forms of empathy.
04:00 pm
Sun, 26 Nov 2023
Cinema 2

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