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Mondays for Members: Bacurau
Institute of Contemporary Arts
The many citizens of Bacurau stare into a hole in the ground, pictured offscreen. The older person at the front has blood covering their white coat

An exclusive member’s event featuring a screening, exhibition tour and discussion.

Event Highlights:

🌟 6pm  Doors open

🖼️ 6:30 – 7pm  Exhibition walkthrough

Begin your night with a staff-led tour of our current exhibition Gray Wielebinski: The Red Sun is High, the Blue Low. Whether you’ve explored it before or not, this walkthrough offers a fresh perspective on the exhibition’s themes.

🎥 7 – 9pm – Baçurau screening

From Kleber Mendonça Filho (Pictures of Ghosts, Neighbouring Sounds) and Juliano Dornelles comes a genre-blending siege thriller set in Brazil’s remote backcountry. Bacurau, a small settlement,  grapples with strange occurrences: the water supply cut off, stampeding animals through the streets, and the village disappearing from satellite maps.

🗣️ 9 – 10pm  Post-screening conversations

The night doesn’t end with the credits! Stick around to chat about the film, exhibition and the themes that thread them.

The main gallery for The Red Sun Is High, The Blue Low. On the left wall, painted stills of sunsets. Black stairs lead down to the gallery floor, where three sofas sit in a circle, with plush red velvet covering and floor. On the back wall is a baseball-like scoreboard above a black doorway and a peephole
06:00 pm
Mon, 04 Dec 2023
Cinema 1

Booking Info:

•  This event is an exclusive opportunity for our valued members. Sign in to secure your complimentary tickets.

•  Each member is entitled to bring a guest, ensuring an evening of shared experiences.

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