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Normal Love + Yellow Sequence
Institute of Contemporary Arts
A person with red lipstick, huge pearl necklace and white bodysuit bathes in an opaque white liquid
Normal Love, dir. Jack Smith, USA 1963, 120 min., 18

Normal Love is a film-meets-performance, defiantly unfinished, constantly in flux, which Smith often editing live during screenings, sometimes pausing for live performance, or slideshows. This edit was made posthumously by Smith’s long-time collaborator Jerry Tartaglia.

Featuring contributions from (among others) Claes Oldenberg and Tony Conrad, Normal Love will be screened on 16mm alongside Yellow Sequence, a short film shot at the same time and often referred to as the ‘coda’ to Normal Love.


Normal Love, dir. Jack Smith, USA 1963, 120 min.
Yellow Sequence, dir. Jack Smith, USA 1963, 15 min.

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