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LUBUNYA Dispatches Team presents:
The Neighbour + Voltrans + Panel
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Three men walk at a trans rally together in Turkey, looking joyful
Voltrans, dir. Ulaş Dutlu & Özge Özgüner, Turkey 2014, 60 min., Turkish with English subtitles

The LUBUNYA Dispatches Team presents transfeminist films from Turkey. Cis-feminism kills; trans feminism makes you live! 


The Neighbour, dir. Cedoy, Turkey 2021, 20 min

Bulut moves to a new flat but is on the hook with the landlord. The Neighbour is a Yesilcam-style (aka ‘Turkish Hollywood’) graduation film examining the everlasting housing problems of lubunyas in Istanbul with transfeminist twists.

Voltrans, dir. Ulaş Dutlu & Özge Özgüner, Turkey 2014, 60 min., Turkish with English subtitles

Voltrans is the first feminist transmen initiative in Turkey, gathering their forces to fight back against the cisheteropatriarchal society and the hegemonic binary gender system. A community-determined self-archivization and documentation project exploring transfeminist roots of LGBTI+ and feminist organizing in Turkey.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with Mijke van der Drift and Kübra Uzun on their transfeminist, lubunya feminist lives and practices moderated by Lalu Özban.

Screening: 6 - 7:30pm
Panel: 7:30pm
Lalu (Esra) Ozban is a maker, curator, exhibitor and archivist of audiovisual media. They are currently a Ph.D. candidate in Film and Digital Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Lalu’s artistic, curational and scholarly work focuses on trans, queer and feminist theories, histories, pedagogies and praxis.

Kübra Uzun is an Istanbul-based singer, songwriter, performance artist, DJ and LGBTQIA+ rights activist, working in Turkey and also on an international basis on various platforms. Kübra wrote, sang and produced the song ‘ALAN2020’ with Mx. Sür and it became an anthem during Istanbul Pride in June 2020. She will debut an original piece as part of Transpose 2023 this coming June at the Barbican Centre.

Dr Mijke van der Drift works on an ethics and philosophy of movement and transformation, which is informed by a background in dance and theatre. Mijke works as Tutor (Research) at the School of Communication, Royal College of Art, London. In collaboration with Nat Raha, Mijke is co-authoring the book Trans Femme Futures: An Abolitionist Ethics for Transfeminist Worlds, forthcoming with Pluto Press.
06:00 pm
Sat, 03 Jun 2023
Cinema 1

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