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Upcycling textile workshop with Tenant of Culture
Institute of Contemporary Arts
A person holds up a striped shirt patched with bright fabrics
Copyright the artist and Fondation Cartier, Paris.

Tenant of Culture leads this workshop with Valerie Kong using locally donated textiles, garments and accessories. Participants will experiment with upcycling, learning to transform existing discarded items into something new through small modifications. This workshop speaks to Moki Cherry’s improvisational practice, responding to the challenges of touring in a minivan with her young family and limited money by working creatively with textiles. Moki found that working with fabric was a practical solution to her transient lifestyle as she was able to roll it up and pack it in some bags along with her sewing machine.

This workshop is open to participants of any level of experience, and the focus is on the creative process rather than the end result.
Tenant of Culture is the name of the practice of Hendrickje Schimmel (b. 1990, Arnhem) who lives and works in London. She completed a BA in Fashion Design at ArtEZ School of the Arts, Arnhem followed by an MA in Textiles at the Royal College of Art, London. By disassembling and rebuilding manufactured garments, Tenant of Culture examines the ways in which ideological frameworks and power structures materialise in the methods of production, circulation and marketing of apparel.

The materials used in her textile assemblages are sourced from various stages of the garment production cycle as well as secondary use platforms and refuse. She recognises commodities not only as the result of a standardised production process, but also as the social relations that arise in the process of their usage and wastage. Working across mediums such as garment, sculpture, workshop and installation her work suggests implicit potential for both destruction as well as transformation.
06:30 pm
Thu, 22 Jun 2023

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One of Moki Cherry's sketches on paper. Coloured and stitched irregular shapes, like blobs or stones, stitched together, in a palette of solid pastel colours
Moki Cherry, title unknown, date unknown, coloured pencil on paper. Courtesy of the Cherry Archive, Estate of Moki Cherry.