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Hanecdote Embroidery Workshop (online)
Institute of Contemporary Arts
June 2022

Decriminalised Futures artist Hanecdote (Hannah Hill) hosts an embroidery workshop. Hill’s work explores gender, sexuality, mixed-heritage, feminism and mental illness through bold motifs and compositions, that showcase the power of textiles as a way to communicate socio-political messages.

Hill talks about their practice, why they use embroidery and the socio-political importance of textile art, and gives a tutorial on three different types of stitches.
List of materials required:

● Coloured embroidery thread
●  Black embroidery thread or another colour for outlines
●  An embroidery needle
●  An embroidery hoop (optional but makes things much easier)
●  Calico fabric or preferred fabric – we use a 10-inch square calico fabric
●  Scissors or snips
●  A pencil
●  A window, light box or light source you can lean on to trace your template
Access now
Available to stream until 6 July 2022