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Keiken: Feel My Metaverse
Institute of Contemporary Arts

Keiken + George Jasper Stone, Feel My Metaverse, 2019, HD video, colour, sound, 36 min 25 sec. Created for Jerwood Collaborate!, supported by Jerwood Arts and Arts Council England.  

Follow Pando, O and C, three characters in Keiken and George Jasper Stone’s Feel My Metaverse (2019), as they transcend bodies and traverse virtual worlds. In a near-future overshadowed by climate change, both the oppressive and emancipatory potential of virtual technologies is explored as they navigate unpopulated landscapes in this gamified hyperreality.
Keiken are a collaborative practice, co-founded by artists Tanya Cruz, Hana Omori and Isabel Ramos in 2015, who frequently work with multiple collaborators. Based between London and Berlin, they come from mixed diasporic backgrounds (Mexican/ Japanese/ European/ Jewish). Named after the Japanese word for experience, they create speculative worlds, using moving-image, CGI, gaming software, installation, virtual and augmented reality, programming and performance to merge the physical and digital. Their work simulates new structures and ways of existing, exploring how societal introjection governs the way we feel, think and perceive. 

Recent exhibitions and projects include: The Time Complex, Yerevan Biennial, Online (2021); Augmented Empathy, FACT, Liverpool; The Metaverse Womb, 3hd 2020, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin; Ghosts & Apparitions, Sheffield Doc Fest, Online; Metaverse: We are at the end of something, Mira Festival, IDEAL, Barcelona; Sessions, Block Universe, Online; How to Make a Paradise, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt, The Eternal Network transmediale 2020, Haus der Kulturen der Welt HKW, Berlin (all 2020); Image Behaviour, ICA, London; Jerwood Collaborate!, Jerwood Arts, London (all 2019).  

George Jasper Stone is a CGI artist and content designer based in London who collaborates with artists and designers to produce short films, live visuals and graphics. His work is characterised by vignettes and scenes that blend digital experiences with physical entities using intuitive, digital processes. Holding the algorithmic with the real world that interlinks fantasy and reality, he transcodes data from these physical environments to digital landscapes. His practice engages in bridging the critical with aesthetics and cinematics to create accessible, detailed and fantastical symbiotics.
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07:00 pm
Wed, 17 Feb 2021
Cinema 3

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Keiken talk about Feel My Metaverse