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Institute of Contemporary Arts
August 2022
Aleph, dir. lva Radivojević, USA / Croatia / Qatar 2021, 91 min., multiple languages with English subtitles

lva Radivojević’s uncategorisable feature blends magical realism, narrative fiction and nonfiction filmmaking into an extraordinary homage to Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. Each character unwittingly passes the narrative baton to the next in this cinematic puzzle, which bends time and space as it travels from Argentina to Greenland and all points between. It’s the latest in our Summer Exclusives series of new films that can only be seen in the UK in person at the ICA.

In Borges’ short story, The Aleph is a point in the universe from which everything else can be seen. In turn, Radivojević leads us through a labyrinth of countries, continents to reach what Borges described as ‘the unimaginable universe’. Unfolding as a philosophical travelogue in perpetuum mobile, Radivojević strives to reveal more about our inter-connectedness as a species on a hypnotic and transcendent journey.
An Ivaasks Films and Picture Palace Pictures production.
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