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Black Box / White Cube: Viewing contexts for Artists’ Moving Image
Institute of Contemporary Arts

Jamie Crewe, Adulteress, 2017. Courtesy of the artist.

As galleries and museums equip for high quality ‘black box’ viewing spaces for artists moving image, this discussion seeks to explore the viewing conditions of the ‘black box’ and the ‘white cube’ and what can come from the tensions between the two. In a series of short presentation from artists and moving image practitioners, different perspective on modes of presentation and contexts for viewing will be shared in tandem with creative processes. Elaborating on the social functions of the cinema and the gallery, the experiences of the viewer as well as the intentions of the artist will be explored in relation to the architecture of these respective spaces and the important social value of shared viewing spaces and experiences through discussion with the guest speakers and event audience. With speakers including artists Emanuel Almborg, Jamie Crewe and academic Sarah Smith, chaired by Steven Cairns, Curator of Artists Film and Moving Image, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
Presented by LUX Scotland in association with the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London and the Art & Screen Network. With Art Fund support. An essay by Curator and writer Marcus Jack was commissioned in response to the discussion event Black Box/White Cube: Viewing contexts for Artists’ Moving Image.
CCA, Glasgow
Wednesday 31 July 2019, 6:00pm
Essay by Marcus Jack