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LMFF UK PREMIERE By the Throat + Q&A
Institute of Contemporary Arts
By the Throat, dir. Effi Weiss & Amir Borenstein, Belgium 2021, Hebrew, Arabic, English, Albanian, Dutch with English subtitles, 77 min.

Opening with the story of Shibboleth which saw the Ehpraimites slaughtered when their inability to pronounce ‘shibboleth’ gave away their identity, By The Throat is an experimental documentary that explores the role of language as a deeply engraved border, albeit an invisible one. One that defines the sounds and words we can pronounce. We carry these limits with us, created by our mother-tongue, and they turn us into mobile check-points, wherever we go.

Followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers.

Screening as a part of London Migration Film Festival.

London Migration Film Festival is an annual film festival that has been running since 2016. The aim of the festival is to challenge the narrow rhetoric on migration that often sees migration, and people on the move, framed in reductive and dehumanising terms. The festival is taking place from 22-29 November 2023.
06:30 pm
Fri, 24 Nov 2023
Cinema 1

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