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Non-Aligned Film Archives: Ali in Wonderland + My Neighbours + Conversation
Institute of Contemporary Arts
September 2022
Mes voisins (My Neighbours), dir. Med Hondo, France 1971, 35 min., digital, French & Arabic with English subtitles

This programme consists of a new series of screenings curated by Léa Morin and Annabelle Aventurin in collaboration with Open City Documentary Film Festival. 

Through screenings, interventions and meetings, we will try to consider possible tools, methodologies, alliances and actions for a movement of non-aligned film archives. With international allies (venues, filmmakers, platforms) we will share a reflection and actions in favour of the preservation and circulation of a cinema in struggle against authoritarian narratives and models (colonial, state, capitalist, patriarchal, etc.), a cinema that struggles (or has struggled) to exist, and still struggles not to be pushed to the margins of the dominant histories.

– Léa Morin and Annabelle Aventurin

Ali au pays des merveilles (Ali in Wonderland), dirs. Djouhra Abouda & Alain Bonnamy, France 1976, 59 min., French with English subtitles

This film calls out the exploitation and racism it unflinchingly ascribes to the French state, the media, capitalism and colonisation, in a system of domination that grinds down those subjected to it. Shot in 16mm, the film combines a formal and aesthetic inventiveness with a powerful militant purpose, through the direct dialogue of marginalised people.

Mes voisins (My Neighbours), dir. Med Hondo, France 1971, 35 min., digital, French & Arabic with English subtitles

Annabelle Aventurin is a film archivist and responsible for the conservation and distribution of Med Hondo’s archives at Ciné-Archives, French Communist Party and workers’ movement film collection based in Paris. In 2021 she coordinated, with the Harvard Film Archive to restore Hondo’s films West Indies (1979) and Sarraounia (1986).
With the support of Institut français du Royaume-Uni.
06:00 pm
Sun, 11 Sep 2022
Cinema 1

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