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Institute of Contemporary Arts
We here at the ICA thought in order to get us all through these coming weeks and months, we would share with you every morning at 10am GMT some links you might find useful, inspiring, informative or that simply cheer you up while self-isolating, social-distancing, working from home or working to keep essential services going.
Each morning, the ICA curators Rosy, Sara, Steve, Nydia, Nico and myself will select what we think is worth watching, reading or listening to.
The days ahead will be unprecedented for all of us; but it is also never too early to start to think about the future – maybe coming out of this together with a renewed sense of solidarity and civic purpose.
So, watch out for your ICA Daily, feel free to share.  
We will soon announce a series of live-streaming events over at our social channels.
Stay well, stay tuned, and watch out for each other!
Stefan Kalmár

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