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Artist Insights I
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Wormtea, Deadly Structures, 2020

An afternoon session with Daniel James Ross and Current Transmissions artists, Sami El-Enany, David Denyer and Anita Safowaa who will share their recent work and unique insight into their ideas and approaches. With a small group, this session will offer the opportunity to hear first-hand from the artists with the opportunity for questions and discussion.

This talk is presented as part of Current Transmissions, a four-day showcase of new works in audio, moving image and interactive media created by London-based emerging artists.
Daniel James Ross is an algorithmic electro-instrumental composer and performer based in London. He is a PhD candidate in composition at Goldsmiths University studying with Patricia Alessandrini, Roger Redgate and Michael Zbyszyński. He has recently had work premièred at the Union Chapel, the Whitstable Biennial, the World Shakuhachi Festival, the National Museum of Wales, Sounds Like This, Sonorities, and the Brighton Fringe.

Wormtea is a game and sound studio founded by David Denyer and Sami El-Enany. Wormtea aims to expand the possibility of interactive sound and storytelling through their own projects as well as collaborations with other game studios. Their debut game ‘Deadly Structures’ is on display at Current Transmissions in ICA.

Anita Safowaa is an artist filmmaker of Ghanaian-British heritage from London. Her work observes and critiques British culture through posing ideas which question one’s contribution to broader topics of humanity using video, photography and reflective writing techniques.
03:00 pm
Sat, 22 Feb 2020
Free, booking required.

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