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Females: A Close Reading
Institute of Contemporary Arts

Cultural critic Sita Balani leads a close reading of Andrea Long Chu’s new publication Females.

Females is Andrea Long Chu’s exploration of gender and desire, rooted in a searing critique which claims that ‘femaleness’ is less a biological state than a fatal existential condition afflicting all. Drawing inspiration from a forgotten play by Valerie Solanas, Chu explores an expansive range of subjects including performance art, psychoanalysis, incels, porn and feminism.

This event takes place in the ICA Studio. Participants are encouraged to share thoughts and feelings. It’s advisable, but not mandatory, to have read the book prior to the session.
Sita Balani is a lecturer in contemporary literature and culture at King’s College London. In her research and teaching, she explores the relationship between imperialism and identity in contemporary Britain. Her work has appeared in Feminist Review, Identity Theory, Open Democracy, Photoworks and the Verso blog. She lives in South East London.
07:00 pm
Wed, 27 Nov 2019

£7 Full, £5 Concs/Green, £3 Blue Members

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