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Of Animacy Reading Group: Intersectional Assemblages
Institute of Contemporary Arts

Image: High Five Interchange, US 75 at I-635. Looking east.

Of Animacy Reading Group gathers in May to discuss queer theorist Jasbir Puar’s proposition to rethink intersectional feminism through the lens of assemblage theory.

In her 2012 essay, ‘Becoming-Intersectional in Assemblage Theory’, Puar argues that, as the dominant paradigm in feminist thought, intersectionality has come to reinforce fixed identity categories instead of alleviating them.

By placing intersectionality – ‘a framework designed to explore the dynamic between co-existing identities (e.g. woman, Black) and connected systems of oppression (e.g. patriarchy, white supremacy)’ – in dialogue with assemblage theory – which portrays all subject positions through their constantly shifting interrelations in continuous movement – Puar argues that the social fabric is never determinate and seeks to open new pathways to future feminist theorising.

Under discussion:

Jasbir Puar, ‘“I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess”: Becoming-Intersectional in Assemblage Theory’, philoSOPHIA, Vol. 2, Issue 1, 2012, pp.49 – 66


Claire Heuchan, ‘Intersectionality – A Definition, History and Guide’, Sister Outrider, 2016

For access to the text and further information on the reading group, please email
Led by curator Nella Aarne, this monthly reading group thinks through feminist engagements with human and non-human agents in the material world, spanning philosophy and science. The texts and discussions meander through a multiplicity of concepts and ways of thinking, developing into a vibrant web of ideas – the shape and character of which will organically unfold over time.

Of Animacy fosters learning through open discussion in a democratic space, with an aim to recognise vital alliances for our daily life and political thought. Reading the selected text in advance is recommended but not necessary. Printed copies will be available at the gathering and excerpts of the text will be read together to support open discussion. Of Animacy meets every month at the ICA and is always open to all.
07:00 pm
Tue, 21 May 2019

Free, booking required

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