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Young ICA:
A Trio of Summer Workshops with Annette Fernando
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Coloured paper, folded and printed leaflets, scattered across a wooden table
Photo: Betty Ignatova

What is it like to make art after Covid? What is it like to make art with others after the isolation and loneliness of the pandemic? Young ICA invites participants aged 18 – 30 for a series of three workshops, led by the visual artist Annette Fernando, that explores these questions and invites us to be together in the process of viewing and making art.

Participants are encouraged to attend all three workshops if they can, but it is not required. The workshops will be both hands-on and discussion-based and will include a mix of art forms. All workshops, including the film screening, are free.


Sat 3 June, 1 – 3pm
Welcome and film screening

Sat 24 June, 1 – 3pm
Moki Cherry exhibition tour and collage-making

This workshop will focus on the ICA’s new exhibition Moki Cherry: Here and Now. We will begin with the tour of the exhibition, followed by a collage-making workshop inspired by the aesthetics and ideas behind Moki’s work.

Sat 15 July, 1 – 3pm
A Curator-led Tour at Spitalfields Studios

Join us at Annette’s studio in Spitalfields for a viewing and tour of her co-curated exhibition New Wave. Annette will lead a tour of the exhibition as well as of the artist studios.
Annette Fernando is a London-based artist known for her exploration of the representation of people, particularly women, and sensuality, in cinema throughout the past century. Fernando’s focus on everyday situations and the representation of women in cinema speaks to larger themes of identity, gender and the impact of media on our perceptions. Her work invites viewers to reflect on the role of film and television in shaping our relationships with ourselves and others.
01:00 pm
Sat, 03 Jun 2023
01:00 pm
Sat, 24 Jun 2023
01:00 pm
Sat, 15 Jul 2023
Spitalfields Studios

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