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Rubiane Maia: Every Time I Trace The Horizon, My Hands Catch Fire
Institute of Contemporary Arts
June 2023
Image courtesy of Rubiane Maia

[Book Performance, Chapter III]

From January 2018 to January 2019, Rubiane Maia made a commitment to write every day. Influenced by both the automatic writing method used by surrealist poets to subvert the conscious mind and by psychography, a practice initiated by Allan Kardec, she created the exercise of sitting and writing without a specific intention. Through this process, a series of cathartic writings emerged. Mostly narratives that start from her own daily life connecting layers of traumatic memories buried in oblivion. Situations that reveal the violence and brutality of a system that silences and alienates minority identities: in her case, a Latin American, mother and black female artist.

With an interest in the effect that memory has on behaviour, these writings were turned into an ongoing project of live performances titled ‘Book Performances’, in which Rubiane reviews the writing and transforms them into symbolic actions presented in public.

Rubiane Maia is a Brazilian visual artist based between Folkestone, UK and Vitoria, Brazil. She completed a degree in Visual Arts and a Masters degree in Institutional Psychology at Federal University of Espírito Santo, Brazil. Her artwork is a hybrid practice across performance, video, installation and writing, occasionally flirting with drawing, painting and collage. Since 2018 she has been working on the creation of an ongoing project called Book-Performance, composed by a series of actions devised in response to specific autobiographical texts particularly influenced by personal experiences of racism and misogyny. Currently, she is part of the international collective Speculative Landscapes a group of four women who, since 2020, have been working on systemic questions about what else institutions can be, when not shaped from stories of violence, segmentation and extractions in the territories. rubianemaia.com
04:00 pm
Sun, 29 May 2022
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Duration: 2 hours

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